ICCBC was founded in 2010. Our goals are to service the Chinese community, propagate Chinese culture, and to create and develop business opportunities in China and Idaho.

Service team members are from various professional fields, including community service, financial consulting, education, high-tech industries, real estate and media advertising.

Services are provided for new immigrant settlement, education consulting, real estate investment, EB5 immigration consulting and media production.

We strive to establish a close working relationship with Idaho governments, universities, local communities and business entities.

Our goals

We are dedicated to carrying forward the Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the US.

We are dedicated to helping the incoming Chinese assimilate into local society, maintain cultural harmony with all ethnic groups, and living and working in peace. We make an effort to uplift Chinese Americans' political status and influence by fully participating in public affairs.

Our goal is to keep close ties of solidarity with national Chinese associations to maximize the rights and well-being of Chinese Americans. 

We aim at perpetuating the Chinese culture for the people living in the United States and promoting economic prosperity of Sino-US business.

Our business

We provide one-stop service for new immigrants to adapt to their new country. This includes

- Guidance to shopping, dining, living and transportation
- Real Estate investment and home purchase
- Understand educational school system
- Join local Chinese community

Explore investment potential in China

- Educational consulting and teacher recruitment
- Real Estate Investment including residential properties, commercial properties and land
- Apply for immigration by investing in US.

Bridging the gap between Idaho and China

- Market development and seeking cooperation opportunities
- Matching the need of local business with companies in China