Boise Area Chinese Information

~ 2500 Chinese
~ 25 Chinese restaurants; 6 Chinese supermarket
~ 30 Chinese companies
Chinese Associations inculde:
   Boise Chinese Association
   Idaho Chinese Cultural and Business Center
   Traceability Church
   Taiwan Chinese Association
   Chinese school
   Chinese Church
   Chinese Dance Club

Chinese associations: Boise Chinese Association

- A non-profit organization founded in 1997
- More than 600 registered members
- Most of members from local businesses and universities
- Serving the Chinese community to promote the reputation of Chinese
- Hold Spring Festival Gala, Mid-Autumn Festival Party, Dragon dance parade, Summer picnic and Autumn picnic

2009 All Chinese Picnic

華人活動 1

2010 New Year Party 1

2010 All Chinese Picnic

2010 Culture Exchange

2010 Culture Exchange 1