Our Service

Idaho Chinese Cultural and Business Center, East Real Estate Development and Investment Company , The Metro light Real Estate Property Management company , Idaho WFG American Life Insurance and Financial Planning Firm , Art Valley Creative Aadvertising & Design Company , Faber Tutsi Lovells lawyer firm (Speak Mandarin ) , Tutsi accounting firm ( speak Mandarin ), First Mortgage companies, work together with companies of different fields to provide wide range of services. Our new office located on Emerald street across from Towne Square Mall, offers one-stop overall service .

A message boards is provided to the public as a communication platform , for jobs posting , advertising goods for sale,and events posters... etc.

Business include Travel and Overseas Service, Realty Service, Business services, Immigration Services, Insurance and Tax Services, Insurance and Tax Services, ... etc.,and walk-in or appointment both are welcomed. Fluent in English, Mandarin , Cantonese , Taishan dialect , full-service.

Conference rooms are on site for rent on hourly or daily bases, service, and Wifi fees are included. Free of charge for use of charity or nonprofit groups.

Travel and Overseas Service

China/US tourism
Chinese visa
Study abroad
Summer Camp
Winter Camp

Business Services

Import and export of goods
Express receiving point
Transfer for-sale business
Documents of notarization
Advertisement making
Graphic design
Sign board production
Website Design

Insurance and Tax Services

Universal Life Insurance
Retirement annuity
College Fund
Financial education
Financial Planning
Legal advice
Housing Loans
Personal and business tax returns
Legitimate tax savings


Realty Service

Real Estate Development
Real Estate Investment
Real estate transactions
Real Estate Management
Real estate leasing
House repairs

Immigration Services

Investment Immigration
Family Immigration
Naturalization interview
United States to give birth


Other Services

accompany to see doctor